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Here is a list of all partners to do the project: 


MAS Rozkvět zahrady jižních Čech  (MAS Rozkvět, zs)

LAG CHANCE  V přírodě    (MAS Šumavsko, zs)

MAS Blanský les - Netolicko  (MAS Blanský les - Netolicko, ops)

Home sv.  Linhart - Chelčice  (Chelčického domov sv.Linharta, ops)

Mikroregion Chelčicko - Lhenicko  (Mikroregion Chelčicko-Lhenický, svazek obcí)

Svazek obcí  Blata   (Svazek obcí Blata)

LAG Deggendorf


The purpose of formation of platforms

- Regional aspect of the application platform
- Find and strengthen cooperation between local associations and subsequently cross-sectoral cooperation with public administration and local government, the corporate sector, educational and research organizations, institutions, business support and super- regional, national and international partners
- Obtaining an understanding of and gather information about the pro-growth and development activities on the territory of regional platforms
- Supporting local and regional partnerships platforms


Future cooperation topics:

  • EDUCATION (from the smallest children to lifelong)
  • THE CULTURE, HABITS AND TRADITIONS (cultural heritage, e.g. museums, propagation, music events….)
  • THE IDENTITY OF THE REGION (local patriotism, the cooperation of municipalities)
  • THE LOCAL ECONOMY (production)


Future cooperation topics - MAS Rozkvět