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The joint objective of the project “The Development of local partnership and labor market” is construction of a new regional platform of local partnership in South Bohemia region based on sharing of knowledge and good practices with transnational partner from nearby Bavarian region, the development of partnership and common initiatives in the field of human resources development and the increase of efficiency of employment policies and enforcement of equal opportunities.

The target groups of the project are:
- children, youth and young people
- parents with kids
- potential/future parents
- partners self-breadwinners
- persons who take care of close person or a depending member of the family
- person with chronic mental disease
- person with health disability
- long-term unemployed women
- employment applicants
- persons over 50 years
- local partnerships
- social partners
- non-governmental organizations


The objectives will be fulfilled in the regional scope through the realization of interconnected complex of 4 main activities, the results of the projects and good practices will be public accessible and will be disseminated even outside of the project realization place with the possibility of application in other Czech regions with similar problems with target groups on the labor market. The new forms of jobs proved in other countries will be verified in the project with the target groups.

One of the new products is this internet website “labor portal” (package of solutions), the others are ecourse “taking care of children” for daily mothers/fathers, educational course “development of local partnership” or the collection of motivating videospots “How-to – to work?” for the target group Young people.

The realization of the project will contribute to intensification of transnational cooperation in the field of HRD, social policies and employment in neighboring regions of South Bohemia and Bavaria.

The project has a high potential of added value on the local, regional and transnational scope, it uses effectively the experiences of the transnational partner and creates conditions for future activities in this field.

Key activities of the project:
1. Local partnership – creation of new regional platform of local partnership based on the
exchange of experiences and good practices with transnational partner
2. Supporting and motivating the individuals on labor market
3. Motivating the employers – promotion of implementation of flexible forms of employments and family friendly measures
4. Propagation campaign – focused on promotion of equal opportunities on labor market and dissemination of project outputs and acquired know-how.